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The following webpages are maintained by myself, Edan Baxter.

I grew up in country Victoria, just outside the small township of Glengarry. (Follow this link to a media gallery of the EagleHawk Creek and surrounds.)

After spending a bit of time in Melbourne (where I completed a degree in Commerce) I started an IT & Online Services business in 2003.

In 2007 I made the “pilgrimage” to the Centre and haven’t really looked back since. These days I’m living in Alice Springs, Central Australia with my partner Michelle and son Declan. (Follow this link to a media gallery of Central Australia and surrounds.)

I’m currently self-employed as an IT/Web Developer (check out my portfolio here) but enjoy getting involved in a range of activities beyond the computer screen. If you know of an interesting project that needs contributors, let me know! (I have some skills from my days as a Finance Analyst that often come in handy.)

  • About me

    Grew up in Glengarry, Gunnailand, Victoria.

    Self employed as an IT Developer & Business Analyst. Working on a couple of apps that I hope will be innovative and useful.

    Enjoy the arts, photography, travel, philosophy, stories, dreams, laughter. Do a bit of song-writing from time to time... 'alt-folk'.

    Living in Alice Springs, Mbantua, Central Australia with my amazing young son, Declan.