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The following webpages are maintained by myself, Edan Baxter.

I grew up in country Victoria, just outside the small township of Glengarry. (Follow this link to a media gallery of the EagleHawk Creek and surrounds.)

After spending a bit of time in Melbourne (where I completed a degree in Commerce) I started an IT & Online Services business in 2003.

In 2007 I made the “pilgrimage” to the Centre and haven’t really looked back since. These days I’m living in Alice Springs, Central Australia with my son Declan. (Follow this link to a media gallery of Central Australia and surrounds.)

I’m currently self-employed as an IT/Web Developer (check out my portfolio here) but enjoy getting involved in a range of activities beyond the computer screen. If you know of an interesting project that needs contributors, let me know! (I have some skills from my days as a Finance Analyst that often come in handy.)

  • About me

    Grew up in Glengarry, Gunnailand, Victoria.

    Self employed as an IT Developer & Business Analyst. Working on a couple of apps that I hope will be innovative and useful.

    Enjoy the arts, photography, travel, philosophy, stories, dreams, laughter. Do a bit of song-writing from time to time... 'alt-folk'.

    Living in Alice Springs, Mbantua, Central Australia with my amazing young son, Declan.