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FreeLance – Finance

I am interested in freelancing for a range of finance related roles, especially financial analysis and the production of NPV/IRR reports.

Freelance –¬†Digital

I am also interested in digital projects across the design, hosting and implementation stages. Think larger-scale web projects or apps.

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For personal interest I enjoy getting involved in a range of activities beyond the realm of commercial value.

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  • About me

    Grew up in Glengarry, Gunnailand, Victoria.

    Self employed as an IT Developer & Business Analyst. Working on a couple of apps that I hope will be innovative and useful.

    Enjoy the arts, photography, travel, philosophy, stories, dreams, laughter. Do a bit of song-writing from time to time... 'alt-folk'.

    Living in Alice Springs, Mbantua, Central Australia with my amazing young son, Declan.